Welcome to the MFHaunts Personnel Registration Site!

Welcome to MFHaunt's 2023 Haunted Season Registration! 
If you are a returning actor you will still need to apply through our system here. Please note that we have reset all previous accounts so even if you've registered with HauntScheduler before, you will need to re-apply. 

This program is used for us to be able to keep track of availability and positions. PLEASE NOTE that these will not be your start times, just the attraction schedule. Start times and days working will be emailed to you directly from haunted@maanfarms.com

For support staff, supervisors (Head of Haunt), assistant supervisors(where wolf) and makeup artist positions please select it in the attraction portion of this application. 

Please note that this is an APPLICATION and filling this out does not gaurentee a job. Minimum age requirement is 15. This application will not be used for limiting or excluding any applicant from consideration for employment on a basis prohibited by local, provincial, or federal law. Should an applicant need reasonable accomodation in the application process or have questions regarding their application, they should contact a company representative at haunted@maanfarms.com

Positions Available: 

*Emerging Talent* ($17-$20 per hour)

Emerging Talent will have foundational acting skills and a willingness to learn and grow. Previous experience in school or community theater productions is a plus, but not required. Openness to receive direction and feedback to improve performances.

*Promising Performer* ($20-$22 per hour)

Promising Performers will have some experience in film, television, or theater productions. They show potential and eagerness to develop their acting talent further. Willingness to explore more complex characters and emotions.

*Intermediate Artist* ($22-$28 per hour)

Intermediate Artists have some professional experience and have demonstrated the potential for growth and versatility. They are comfortable with different acting styles and genres, and are looking to expand their repertoire and skills.

*Accomplished Artist* ($29-$35 per hour)

Accomplished Actors are highly skilled performers with a proven track record in the industry. They demonstrate versatility and the ability to handle a range of roles. Consistently delivers impactful and engaging performances.

*Veteran Performer* ($35-$40 per hour)

Veteran Performers are seasoned actors with extensive experience across different forms of media. They possess a deep understanding of character development and are capable of delivering highly nuanced performances that leave lasting impressions.

The position you are hired for is dependent on a in person audition. 

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